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Easter Orange Cupcake by IrishMomLuvs2Bake on Flickr.

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coachella 2014 style 

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Forever 21 on We Heart It.

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Any Advice On Opening Store On Etsy?

So I’ve decided to open my own Etsy shop to sell my photography! =D =D After lots of convincing from my mother and other family. I’m still an amateur photographer but I think I’m pretty good for a beginner!
Most of my photography is and will be of nature and sometimes of other objects around me, I’m still learning how to work with Adobe Photoshop to add different layers ad filters to give variety to my photos to sell. Most of my followers on Tumblr may have seen my pictures up for a short while, I recently took them down due to the fact someone could copy and paste them STEALING MY WORK and calling it their own. Because I’m not in the mood to chew someone’s arse out especially when they know they didn’t go out to take those pictures in MY yard!
But even though I do have the site up there’s one problem…I have no idea how to use Etsy.com (haha) =( 
I mean I know how to set the shop name-the basics pretty much, I’m just having trouble with the details; the importantance of opening up the shop etc.
If anyone has any tips of what I should and need to include before I launch my store with products please send me a message! And photographers your advice before selling photography as well. I’m really new at this and I’d love all the help I can get especially from those who have their own Etsy shops up and sell on there as well. I’d really appreciate it! <3

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Untitled #6

Untitled #6 by asteriskxoxo featuring t shirts

Slouch shirt

Topshop t shirt

Kendall & Kylie stretch jeans

Vans shoes

Marchesa clutch

Boden tech accessory

Tech accessory

Hair bow
$6.41 - newlook.com

promise what you will.

promise what you will. by cauchemar-exquis featuring Pier 1 Imports

Zadig & Voltaire hot pants
$200 - zadig-et-voltaire.com

ASOS ring

Diptyque body moisturizer

Succulent plant

Organic bedding

Pier 1 Imports candles candleholder


filler keys

Art Impressions Christmas Rubber Stamps